How to flip for selfie mode on Google Pixel

How to flip for selfie mode on Google Pixel

Taking selfies is a fun way to show the world about your confidence, hobby, personality, fashion sense, and whatever you want to express about the real you to the world. Taking selfies becomes very popular where almost everybody is doing it. If you are one of those people who love taking selfies, this tutorial about how to flip for selfie mode on Google Pixel will be very much helpful especially for you who want to take selfies using Google Pixel’s front camera.

Flip for selfie mode on Google Pixel

Google Pixel camera is almost excellent and awesome. The camera, which is fast, images are in focus, and colors look vibrant, can give you a great experience of taking stunning selfies. Even more, the close-up shots appear especially sharp and refined. With the whole cool stuffs of the Pixel’s camera, your selfies will be more impressive. Not only selfies, Google Pixel’s camera also allows you to record 4K videos easily. Well, because there are two option camera that can be used on Google Pixel, you need to know how to flip for selfie mode on Google Pixel whenever you want to take selfies or make video calling. It is very simple, you just need to double-twist when you are in the camera to flip to selfie mode and back. When you are taking a photo you can switch between the rear and front camera by tapping on a button to the left of the shutter release, or use a fancy new Moves gesture. It is more like using the same motion as turning a door handle. You just need to twist your wrist two times when in the camera app and the phone will switch between camera. If you want to go back to the previous camera, you can twist again.

Anyway, that is all about how to flip for selfie mode on Google Pixel. The new feature we mentioned above is enabled by default in the Moves section of the Settings app, where you can see an animated tutorial detailing how to use it. whenever you want, you can also turn it off. With this smart option to flip, you can switch between the rear camera and the front camera as soon as you want. You can use the rear camera when you need capture images or videos you want, then in a matter of seconds you can flip to the front facing camera for taking selfies. The Pixel’s camera also allows you to capture images in dim lighting although the result is not really perfect. At least, the camera did a good job at capturing available light and brightening up scenes. The flash of the camera will make skin tones look natural. Anyway, you may like to read our next post telling you about how to use fingerprint on Google Pixel. You will learn some important things about the fingerprint which is also known as Pixel Imprint.