How to Jump to Camera and Switch Between Photos and Video on Google Pixel

Google Pixel is a smartphone with many smart stuffs in it. you can always find a fun way to explore the phone apps. one of smart stuffs on Google Pixel is the capability to use move shortcut when you want to launch an app on the Pixel phone. Here, we are presenting two quick actions that can bring you to an app on Google Pixel: how to jump to camera and switch between photos and video on Google Pixel.

How to jump to camera on Google Pixel

As we know that Google has added three useful gesture to the Google Pixel, and one of this useful gesture is needed when you want to launch the camera quickly. Sometimes the perfect picture requires instant action so that you can catch the best moment for the perfection of the picture you want to capture. It can be a matter of second when a good moment finally happens in front of your eyes and you need your camera to be ready at that time. You probably miss the best moment if you can’t load the camera at the time you need it. Thankfully, Google Pixel allows you to load the camera app in a flash by double clicking the power/lock key.

All you need to do if you want to load the camera on your Google Pixel phone is by double clicking the power button/lock key, which works even when the phone is locked and the screen is off. This smart gesture help you catch the perfect moment to capture the perfect picture with your Google Pixel camera. This instant action also ensures that there is no time is wasted so that you have the perfect time to capture the exact moment. This instant action can be enabled or disabled based on what you need by heading to Settings > Moves and enable “jump to camera”. By enabling this quick launch, you can take advantage of double click on the power button to load the camera.

How to switch between photos and video on Google Pixel

Camera is one of my favorite part of Google Pixel which is claimed as one of the best cell phone cameras. Google Pixel packs a powerful 12.3 MP for its rear camera and 8 MP for its front facing camera. The camera which features ½.3” sensor size, 1.55┬Ám pixel size, geo-tagging, touch focus, face detection, HDR, panorama really gives the best chance to capture all perfect moment with family and friends. Google Pixel also gives you a chance to create GIFs and pictures with awesome effects so that you can make your monotonous conversation to be more attractive and interactive. The camera on Pixel phone becomes very special with the phone’s app feature which allows the users to switch between photos and video. It is really an interesting feature that encourage us to share this tutorial about how to jump to camera and switch between photos and video on Google Pixel.

The special feature of Google Pixel about switching between photos and video gives ability to the camera app to take a picture while recording a video. It means that when you are in the middle or recording video, you can take a picture using the camera which is recording without interrupting the recording progress. In this tutorial, you will see how to capture a picture while recording a video on Google Pixel:
  1. Launch Google Pixel Camera app. You can launch Pixel’s Camera app by double clicking the power button or you can access it from the lock screen by dragging the camera icon up. You can also access the Camera app from Pixel’s Home screen.
  2. After the Camera app has been opened, from the main screen of the Camera app, swipe from the right-most part of the screen to the left-most part.
  3. The action on step 2 will bring up the phone’s video camera.
  4. Tap on the record icon to start capturing videos using Google Pixel phone.
  5. While the video is recording, tap the Camera icon to take a picture to capture images or still picture. All pictures taken while the video is recording will be saved in Pixel’s Gallery app.
  6. Although you switch the camera to take pictures, the video recording will continue uninterrupted unless you tap on the Stop button to stop the recording. The recorded video will be saved on the Google Pixel’s Gallery app. 
Well, that’s all steps to capture a picture while recording video with Google Pixel. This is really a smart feature, isn’t it? you can record video as you wish, and whenever you want to take pictures, you just switch it to the camera mode without interrupting the video recording. You can get both video and picture of the same moment at the same time easily.